the SMILE of Experience


More than 20 years of experience and the broad range of expertise are the SMILE’s rich resources for creation and production of new ideas. We are storytellers, mechanical and electrical engineers, experience designers, visualisers, animators, composers, technical and creative directors. Everyone in our team is fully involved in both the creation and the production process, which makes each of us realistic dreamers with a wide open vision and smart solutions.

Alice in Horrorland

Alice in Horrorland is the Halloween maze in Bobbejaanland that intrigues you to open new doors you were not used to open in Wonderland.


Meet Franco, our nature blended Troll. Franco triggers your imagination and tells you his story, without any spoken words.

SeeSaw Twister

SeeSaw Twister is the new surprising family ride experience with new motion combinations on a very efficient footprint. This ride is specifically developed for ART Engineering.


We create immersive experiences and innovative rides. Our clients are ride suppliers, theme parks, museums and other leisure destinations. All these new ideas are presented in written stories, visuals, animations and technical design drawings. Diversity is our strength.

Mountain Waver

The urban nature oasis downtown. This urban colourful version of origami brings nature elements downtown and creates a funky fun place with the Mountain Waver.

High 'n Dry

The addition of water curtains to the famous carousel creates a wonderful new ride experience. The patterns of the water curtains are a beautiful show to watch, while all family members in the ride are amazed that they stay dry.


The world of circus is warming our imaginative souls. Attracted by the mystical glow our creatures are longing to go inside.

Mountain Tower

The “Natural Power” Mountain Tower for Mountain Innovations, is the symbol of renewable energies: the elements wind, water and sun as well as human energy are lined up in curved columns around the tower.

Laser Tower

The Laser Tower is the combination of an internal rotating drop tower and exterior rotating arms. On the limited footprint the ride offers an exciting interactive family game experience with an economical capacity.


IMMP is the Interactive Mystic Mover Project, that allows the guests to make directional decision throughout the ride, combined with individual torch lights to find the missing creatures. EFT Ride systems is the supplier of the Mystic Mover vehicles.


We produce the experience together with your team, the ride supplier, the scenery company, the technical installation firms, local artists and craftsmen. As the creative and technical directors, we can take the lead to optimise the synergy between all involved disciplines during the production of the experience. With our the SMILE team we are specialised in producing videos and animations, composing soundtracks, writing scripts and programming audio, lighting, special effects and show control.

Hotel Embrujado

Hotel Embrujado is the Vekoma Madhouse in Parque Warner Madrid. We upgraded the experience with a video installation 20 years after we did the original design and production.

Jungle Splash

Jungle Splash in Etnaland Themepark is our unique interactive ride, where the guests are challenged to yell to influence the ride experience.

St Elmo

St Elmo in Movie Park Bottrop is an interactive walk through a Wild West experience. We produced the soundtrack for Lagotronics Projects.

Stalen Monsters

Stalen Monsters in the Dutch Railway Museum is an edutainment dark ride. With new scenery elements, lighting and video projections we have upgraded the experience that we originally designed 15 years ago.

Farm Fair

Farm Fair is the interactive game dark ride from Lagotronics Projects. We produced the funny catchy soundtrack.

The Storm

The Storm is the Mack Roller Coaster in Etnaland Themepark. We created and directed the ride experience and we produced the soundtrack.

Haunted School

The Haunted School is the dark ride where you experience your worst nightmare: to redo your school exams. We created and directed the ride experience.

Kunibert's Abenteuer

Kunibert’s Abenteuer is the interactive dark ride from Lagotronics Projects, where you are challenged to light the candles to see what is hidden in the castle.

Merlin's Magic Castle

Merlin’s Magic Castle is the Vekoma Madhouse in Walibi Holland. We created and directed the ride experience. It was one of our first projects and still one to be very proud of.