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To surprise your guests, you need creative ideas. To realise those creative ideas,  you need smart solutions. We deliver you both, that makes us Experience creators.

Experience Design – Production – Programming

Depending on the needs of your team we can design and direct the experience from scratch until the last second is programmed, while you can use your selection of local and international subcontractors to realise the experience. Upon your request we can provide you with suppliers from our broad worldwide network.

We will surprise you with stories you want to tell your guests. If you already have your story, we are able to translate your story into a guest’s experience. With our expertise of special effects design and show control,  we develop new (interactive) effects which will involve the guests into the story. The design documents we will deliver, contain all needed documentation for your creative, technical as well as ride suppliers.

If required we will take care of the communication with all selected suppliers, to ensure that all different elements will connect seamlessly. After installation, our experience programming will be the last step of the complete integration of the show.

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Experience Directing

The best way to create the ultimate result for your guests is to have only one person overseeing the total project. You would only have to communicate with that one person. We will optimize the synergy between all disciplines delivered by the different suppliers for you. That is how we see our role as experience directors, we will inspire you with creative ideas and smart technical solutions and on top of that we will be your partner to ensure that your desired experience becomes reality for your guests.

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the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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