Parents and Grandparents,

they all go out to have a special day

and to be amazed.

Your museum or theme park wants to create that special day by involving them in your stories and to make them part of surprising and memorable experiences. We are Experience creators to support your team with the design, directing and production of these experiences. 


Having fun is a serious element for museums.

We believe that educational entertainment is the way to go to integrate informal learning and having fun. The museum collection and content are still the key elements for the context of the experience. With respect for the context, we use the theme park technics to create the fun and WOW factor.

the SMILE of Experience_Jungle Splash_results

The story creates the identity of the ride, the guests bring it alive.

In principle a ride is just a ride. It is the story of the ride that makes the experience unique. On top of that, your guests don’t want to be just spectators of the story nowadays. They want to be involved and interact with the story. In our opinion the creation of interactivity is not a goal in itself. Interactivity should be used as the tool to create the opportunity for guests to be in control of the experience and bring the story alive. 

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the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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