One team,

One direction,

One goal:

the ultimate Experience for your guests.

the SMILE of Experience_teamwork

The SMILE of Experience takes the responsibility for the creation of storylines, design of master plans, design of rides and directing of guest experiences in theme parks, museums as well as other leisure destinations.

Hester Kloosterboer

To create a smile on someone’s face is her drive, the SMILE of Experience is her life.

Hester started her career in the leisure industry at the engineering department of Vekoma Rides in 1997. Inspired by technology she has become the translator for creative ideas into affordable entertaining guest experiences, where the guests are completely involved in the story and all their senses are triggered. It is her challenge to be original and to surprise the guests. She is proud that she has pleased many of her clients by rising to that challenge.

For their latest interactive dark ride “the School”, the SMILE of Experience recently won the European Star Award for Europe’s Best Dark rides, together with the Etnaland team.

Because she believes that the leisure industry will only innovate when young talents are being well educated, she is a part-time lecturer for Leisure and Events at the Creative College in Utrecht.

Huib de Bruijn

Turning great “show” ideas into a technical reality.

After working for years for well respected companies in the field of professional audio, video and showcontrol, Huib made the decision to combine the knowledge he gained over the years to concentrate on showcontrol. Showcontrol is where all these diciplines work together to form one end result.
A project starts with a great idea which can be achieved by translating the idea into a technical solution. In Huib’s opinion technology is a way to reach a goal, but it should never lead the idea.

Our clients:

Event Center Aalsmeer, Openluchtmuseum, Bellewaerde, Six Flags Mexico, Walibi Holland, Walibi Belgium, Phantasialand, Movie World Madrid, Gardaland, Madurodam, Het Spoorwegmusuem, MuZIEum, Särkänniemi, Etnaland, NBTC, Provincie Friesland Rabobank, Eksploria, Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne.


the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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