No answer will be known,

no experience will be the same.

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The request of Etnaland Theme Park was to develop a new interactive dark ride for the family without shooting system. The creation of the SMILE of Experience is the Haunted School.

In this school the guests are challenged to take their exam again. The guests take a seat in the old school banks, the themed vehicle. By pressing the buttons “A”,”B” or “C”, they give their answers to the impossible exam questions which are fired at them by the freaky teachers. The exam turns out to be a nightmare. More and more weird things happen….. and there seems to be only one person really in control: La Bidella.

Each scene has 16 different sequences programmed, related to the answers given by the guests in the vehicle. This way each scene has a different “look” each time and overall the ride experience will never be the same twice. By showing their results in the last scene, the guests are challenged to retake their exams another time, to finally be able to pass the exam.

The SMILE of Experience has been responsible for the story and the complete interactive show design and directing, including soundtrack directing, theming design, props design, lighting design, audio design, special effects design and show control design and programming.

the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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