The interactive ride experience

with 20 screaming guests in one boat.

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A water ride where you have to scream your lungs out if you want to stay dry, or not….

Jungle Splash is the Spill Water ride from Intamin. The ride has a vertical lift of 25 meters and drops the boat with 20 passengers down the chute for the ultimate splash. The ride experience is all about the excitement of the splash. For that reason the SMILE of Experience created the story which is also only focused on the splash.

To add an extra dimension to this ride we came up with the idea of interactive water curtains. We actually prepare the guests for their drop with an interactive dark ride before the vertical lift. The boat passes through a dark tunnel and cave with, according to the ancient tradition of the local tribe, the perfect conditions to test and to improve your jungle yell. With your loudest jungle yell you will open water curtains. In the cave, just before the lift, you will conquer your fear and the Talisman will dance for you to protect you against any danger.

The story and interaction works better than we ever could imagine. These crazy Sicilians make a real party out of it, while the Talisman are dancing for them. It is the first dark ride where earplugs could be helpful!

The SMILE of Experience has been responsible for the story and the interactive show, including soundtrack directing, theming design, lighting design, audio design, special effects design and show control.

the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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