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 Visuals by Menno Smidt, Friso van Rossum, Jora Vision, Björn Ollner

IMMP project video

IMMP Concept story

IMMP example story

IMMP history……

It was IAAPA show 2002 that Hester spoke with ETF Ride Systems for the first time. She was impressed about the flexibility they could offer with their trackless ride systems and at the same time surprised that all rides so far didn’t use the layout options you could easily create.

Hester started to work out ride layout ideas, that allow the guests to make directional decisions without having impact on the ride safety and capacity. She continued to develop interactive elements with guests outside the ride and online guests as well. She wrapped the technical interactive dark ride concept in a James Bond like story and  IMMP was born. NOB Scenic Services, Hester’s employer at that time,  and ETF Ride Systems launched IMMP at IAAPA show 2003.

When Hester founded the SMILE of Experience in 2005, she continued her cooperation with ETF Ride Systems. With Lagotronics and Jora Vision on board, they relaunched IMMP as InterAction at the IAAPA show in 2006. The shooting system was substituted by searchlights and several new storylines were presented.

IMMP future……

Many clients have asked for custom made ride layouts and storylines, all based on the interactive principles of IMMP. The SMILE of Experience is convinced that this type of interactive dark rides will have the future in theme parks as well as informal learning rides in museums.

the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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