The Experience as the introduction,

for a new point of view.

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Visuals by Hans Kuijten

The capital of the northern Dutch province Fryslân: Leeuwarden, wants to introduce all leisure opportunities of the province in one appealing edutainment experience.

The SMILE of Experience started with the analysis of the existing identity and image of Fryslân according to locals, national and international tourists. The discrepancy between the point of view from the locals and the tourists was evident, and it would be the base for the story.

This edutainment experience should not only focus on the famous folklore elements in Fryslân but much more on the other strong and unique characteristics of this province. The preshow and multi media ride experience on top of the lighthouse, should change the point of view on Fryslân for all guests.

the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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