Etnaland Themepark, the sensation of Sicily.

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“L’isola con fuoco dentro”, the story of Etnaland Theme Park.

It’s the sensation you can’t translate into English or any other language. Only when you experience it, you will get the vibe and for sure our “E” will be enclosed in your heart. Of course isola refers to the island of Sicily, but more than that it expresses the feeling of paradise. The place where all beautiful and impressive elements of our world, nature and culture wise, come together and inspire us.

The fire inside the isola is our passion which is constantly present underneath the surface. The fire is as active as the lava inside the Etna and offers the fertile soil to the isola. The fire is always burning, there is always something going on in the park. And as fire can be, you will find beautiful and romantic views in the park, and in other places you will experience the heat and be surprised by its impressive power.

Hester Kloosterboer is the creative director of Etnaland Theme Park and responsible for the story development of the park and all individual rides, the master plan design and all show designs. Huib de Bruijn is the creative technical director, responsible for all show technical realisation of the experiences.

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