is the key to imagination

and the participation of your guests.

no story no glory

Our target in the Leisure industry is to create at least memorable experiences for our guests and we may like to achieve a transforming experience. Our basic need is the soul of the Experience: the Story.

The Story

The story is what your visitors will talk about on the way home after their visit.
The story is the guide for a total experience.
The story facilitates marketing.
The story makes an impact and creates involvement.
The story, combined with interactivity creates a greater involvement and is the opening to a transforming experience.
The story of an area in the park unites that area’s rides and creates the opportunity to attract different target groups within the same area.
The story of the park is the identity of the park.
The story of the museum is the identity of the museum.

The Experience

The basic experience doesn’t make enough of an impression to be remembered or to create a change in the guests.

The memorable experience will be remembered for longer and is more intense. This is due to the experience offering the guest a bigger challenge, it better fulfilling the guest’s expectations, or they were more involved.

The transforming experience has the greatest impact and creates a permanent change in the guest. The changes can happen at knowledge, attitude and behavioral levels. Emotions, more involvement and connections to personal values are a big part of the experience.

The Clue

The story is the clue of the creation of the ultimate memorable or transforming experience for your guests. All related activities, from the ticket sale, names of the experiences until the colour of the napkins in the restaurants, are united. The story will be leading for all decisions needed throughout the whole design and production process. Only when everybody and everything will honour the story, you will succeed to create the ultimate guest’s experience, which will give your guests a wonderful day and an experience they will remember and share with others afterwards.

How? Your guests will not be reading the story and nobody will literally tell them the story. In your experience they will feel the story with all their senses. They will absorb the story, which will trigger their imagination and will make them part of your story.


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