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The process of developing a creative project, whenever it is the story or the ride or the experience or the master plan, starts with analysing. The creative process needs to be fed by the preconditions of the project: the existing story, the existing experience, commentary of the clients, the existing target groups, the potential target groups, the needs of the target groups, number of guests, budget, available space, dreams and more. 

To extend the depth of these analysis and to have the opportunity to test creative concepts to evaluate their strength as well, the SMILE of Experience has started a successful partnership with Dynamic Concepts Consultancy


The next step is all about translating. Each of the preconditions needs to be translated into visual elements, to express the emotions they include and to step away from the project to create the space to design. The result is a real melting pot of all collected visual impressions stirred by analysis. Designing is the personal interpretation of that melting pot. It filters the main emotion(s) and expresses those in a new way, which will be understood by the target group(s) you focus on. This will be the concept idea, the start of a new experience.

The concept idea needs to be developed into designs for each experience element, like the story, storyboard, guest’s experience, layout, routing, theming, scenery sets, props, special effects, lighting, audio, video & show control. With our long multi discipline experience, the SMILE of Experience is capable to make the concept designs for all disciplines.  To detail these designs for all disciplines up to production level, the SMILE of Experience has a flexible team of specialists,  who will join to support if additional expertise or design capacity is required. 


Creating is realising the designs in reality. During the design process all decisions are based on what is the most beneficial for the project, completely independent of any supplier. This applies to all disciplines involved. For the realisation of the designs The SMILE of Experience relies on a broad worldwide network of suppliers, each with their own expertise. Together with the client, suppliers will be chosen locally or from elsewhere, based on the best competence. The designed experience will be created in close cooperation with the selected suppliers. 


In the role of Creative Director, the SMILE of Experience oversees all disciplines involved and controls the synergy between all those disciplines. This central coordination during the production and programming of the experience is the key to success.
By directing the video and audio production, the SMILE of Experience controls the backbone of the experience. The directing of the final programming of the show control is last element to control. The show control controls and ensures the right timing of all show disciplines of the experience,  that together create the surprising effect your guests love to experience.

the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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