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Many of our clients have long term relationships with their (local) suppliers. We strongly believe that we all benefit when we continue the cooperation with these preferred suppliers. Some of these suppliers may have specific working experience in the development of theme parks and museums, while others have a different core business market. Upon your request The SMILE of Experience can provide you suppliers from our broad worldwide network, each with their own skills and qualities.  The SMILE of Experience brings in all expertise and experience to support these suppliers, so they can succeed in their contribution to the production of the guest’s experience, that we create together.

We are able to deliver the concept idea, concept design and detailed design for the experience.  As directors we are able to take care of the interfacing between all different disciplines involved in the production of the experience. The integration of the show experience and the ride experience is one of our specialisms. We are well known by many ride suppliers in the business.

Whenever required we are happy to support your team in one of the specific phases of the design, production or programming of the experience. We know that our creativity is also very useful when it comes to the transition from designs to installation and programming.

The team  of the SMILE of Experience has a long track record of international working experiences in many different countries around the world. So far we have been working in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Eritrea, Malaysia and Australia. We enjoy the challenge to learn from different cultures and to be inspired by talented artists and specialised craftsmen.


 the SMILE of Experience: Experience creators for Theme parks & Museums.

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